Siamo un’azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di complementi ed accessori per abbigliamento

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Strass & Borchie

Strass & Borchie

All the hotfixed accessories such as rhinestones, studs and the precious stones have been always representing the easier end the most efficient solution to enrich clothes, shoes and accessories.

Our company is able to produce each product applied in a sheet, satisfying every customer’s need, mixing shapes, dimensions and different kinds of products.

We also have a company in Far East, so we can guarantee very short delivery time and very high quality standard-

We are also specialized un hotfixed accessories application, both on semifinished product and the finished one, according to our customers’ need.

So, we introduce an extended range of hotfixed accessories, whic is part of our Italian and foreign warehouse.


Via dell’ Unione Europea, 52 – 76121-Barletta (BT) Italy
P.iva 06283210729
General Manager: Giuseppe Verde
Telefono: +39 0883/348752
Telefono: +39 349/8325609
Fax: +39 0883/338276