Siamo un’azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di complementi ed accessori per abbigliamento

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Having the latest generation CO2 lasers, Galvanometric and Plotter, our company is able to realize cut and angraving, in a very fast way, in order to offer our customers very cheap prices. We also realize realize every kind ofn product, using Italian and Korean materials, like Flock, shiny glitter, 3D material, and many more.

Moreover, we are able to realize samples in a very fast way, taking care of each detail, using our coworkers’ fantasy. In this way, we can make every material hotfixed, like leather, cloths, etc., creating something whic sometimes obtains an unexpected outcome.

We are here to describe some techniques, showing some pictures whic represent our creations, as follow:

  • Half cut + cut
  • Cut + Engraving
  • Cut + Rhinestones
  • More steps cut
  • Plexiglass cut + Engraving


Via dell’ Unione Europea, 52 – 76121-Barletta (BT) Italy
P.iva 06283210729
General Manager: Giuseppe Verde
Telefono: +39 0883/348752
Telefono: +39 349/8325609
Fax: +39 0883/338276