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Our company realizes many different products based on embossing technique, which is one of our company strong point.

Gained experience, knowledge and incessant research are essential.

  • We have got many different machines, some of them conveniently modifies and customized;
  • We have got an important Know How based on the awareness of the use of these machines and of the different materials used, to obtain impeccable results;
  • The knowledge od advanced CAD CAM Softwares, through which we can generate each mould;
  • A dedicated branch of the company for the digital printing.

All these elements guarantee perfect mechanical mould (aluminium, brass, steel and composite) , fasteness in relizing samples and privacy due to the internal working process.

We also realize HF artworks on sheets in different dimensions (even the littlest one) which can be delivered or applied in our company, depending on the italian or foreign customer’s need.

We also produce 3D works using up to the times materials, which are high quality also.

As follow, some samples.


Via dell’ Unione Europea, 52 – 76121-Barletta (BT) Italy
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General Manager: Giuseppe Verde
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