Siamo un’azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di complementi ed accessori per abbigliamento

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Ipam Accessories

Technical research and dedicated investments represent the added value which our customers take advantage of, years by years, throught the presented collections.

An other strong point of our company is the permanent partnership with important stylistic offices that allow us to improve each idea.

We work using high level quality standards, severe quality contral and test reports which our customers require, thanks to our partnership with National and foreign institutes.

Our company boasts business collaboration with foreign companies, grown during the years, which guarantee the best quality standards, being fully competitive and fast.


Via dell’ Unione Europea, 52 – 76121-Barletta (BT) Italy
P.iva 06283210729
General Manager: Giuseppe Verde
Telefono: +39 0883/348752
Telefono: +39 349/8325609
Fax: +39 0883/338276